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Maisy and her work at New Designers

Maisy talks industry opportunities, Small Fry Collective and translating Manchester's favourite fish and chip shop turned music venue into illustrations.

16 Jul 2018

A sneak peek of 'To Bee or not to Bee'

The Bard and the Bee symbolise the creative collaborative ethos of the University, explains Shakespeare practitioner David Shirley

16 Jul 2018

Graduate Emma Davies with her Little Chip Student Award

Two alumni scooped prizes in the student and innovation categories at the Big Chip Awards 2018

12 Jul 2018

Jessica's work at Graduate Fashion Week

Fashion student Jessica discusses her internship and competitions in China

10 Jul 2018

Our student's work on display at Manchester International Festival

Unit X participants design furniture and lighting installations for city's biennial festival

03 Jul 2018

Students with Bruntwood hoardings

Manchester School of Art's links offer career and exhibition opportunities

03 Jul 2018

Professor Tom Jefferies demonstrates the Manchester Plinth at Downing Street

Project that showcases digital artefacts in augmented reality showcased at London Tech Week

02 Jul 2018

World Cup poster

Professor Jim Aulich explains the historic parallels between the World Cup poster and revolutionary 1920s artwork #AnatomyofaWorldCup

29 Jun 2018

Andrew's work in our Benzie Building

Andrew Hamilton prepares for London’s prestigious graduate showcase

27 Jun 2018

White Sand, Red Millet, many Flowers

Alnoor Mitha has helped to exhibit the Turner Prize winning sculptor's work

22 Jun 2018

FRESH magazine

Degree Show Spotlight Series

12 Jun 2018

Louise Clark receiving her George Catwalk to Store Award

Four fashion students picked up prizes at the prestigious annual design event

08 Jun 2018