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Dr Simon Faulkner

Senior Lecturer
Art History

Dr Simon Faulkner

Simon is Programme Leader for the three undergraduate degrees in the area of Art Theory and Practice: BA (Hons) Art History, BA (Hons) Art History and Curating, and BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History. He was formerly the route Leader for the MA in Visual Culture. His undergraduate and postgraduate teaching focusses on the history of modern art, and on contemporary art and visual culture.

Simon has supervised four PhDs and two MAs by research to completion and welcomes research students in the areas of mid-twentieth century British art, the visual representation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and relationships between visual production (art, photography, visual activism) and conflict.

His past research and PhD (awarded in 1999) were focussed on aspects of British art during the mid-twentieth century. His current research is divided between two main areas.

One area of research is focussed on visual practices and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict/Israeli occupation. In this context he is interested in photographers such as Gilad Ophir, Roi Kuper, Miki Kratsman, and Yazan Alkhalili, and artists such as David Reeb and Khaled Jarrar. Also important in this area is a concern with visual activism and the Israeli occupation, for example the work of the photographic collective ActiveStills. Work in this area has involved the organisation of the UK showing of the exhibition 'Desert Generation: 40 Years of Occupation, 1967-2007, Israeli and Palestinian Artists Against the Occupation and for a Just Peace' in the Holden Gallery at Manchester Metropolitan University in April 2008. In the summers of 2010 and 2011 Simon was a writer in residence at the Digital Art Lab in Holon, Israel. This residency involved the production of an artist/writer's book with David Reeb, entitled 'Between States', that will be published in 2014.

The other developing area of research is concerned with the use of images on social media. So far this has involved work on images shared on Twitter during the UK riots of 2011 and currently involves work as a co-investigator on an 18 month ESRC Transformative Research project on social media images entitled 'Picturing the Social' and led by the University of Sheffield. This project includes the setting of a Visual Social Media Lab that will continue research into social media images beyond the funded life of the project:

Recent talks, conference papers, research papers, and panel presentations include:

'Some Initial Thoughts on the "Thatcher Death Tweets"’, Picturing the Social Conference, ESRC Festival of Social Science, University of Sheffield, November 2014

'Liu Xiaodong's "In Between Israel and Palestine" Project', States of Separation event, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, October 2014

'The ActiveStills Photographic Collective', RedEye Network Event, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, September 2014

'The market and the collective: Photography and the image of the Palestinian stone-thrower', The Business of War Photography conference, Durham University, August 2014

'The politics of here and there: Visual representations of spatial difference in Israel/Palestine', Space/Place/Culture Seminar Programme, Manchester Metropolitan University, May 2014

(with Farida Vis) 'Towards developing a theoretical and methodological model for studying images on social media', International Communication Association Conference, London, June 2013

'"Now you get a picture, you can put it in your Facebook": Thoughts on activism, the movement of images, and Israel/Palestine', Social Media and Political Horizons: Israel/Palestine, the Middle East and Beyond workshop, The University of Manchester, June 2013

'Live without an idea: Gerhard Richter's RAF Paintings', Disturbing Pasts: Memories, Controversies, and Creativity conference, Museum of Ethnography, Vienna, November 2012

'Photographing the wild zone of power', Art and Photography symposium, Manchester Art Gallery, October, 2012

'Israel/Palestine and the Politics of Curiosity', Insight Palestina conference, Leeds University, June 2012

'Creative resistance and image events: The village of Bil'in in the West Bank', Visiting Speaker Seminar, Department of Media and Communication, the University of Leicester, May 2011

'Picasso in Palestine: Art and the Border Question', Remaking Borders, First EastBordNet Conference, Monastero dei Benedettini, Catania, January 2011

'Image Events in Bil'in', MeCCSA Annual Conference, The University of Salford, January 2011

'Photography, citizenship and the Israeli occupation', Media, Communication and the Spectacle Conference, European Communication Research and Education Association, Eramus University, Rotterdam, November 2009

'Images, acts, and questions: Defining and teaching visual culture' and 'Fields of conflict/fields of vision', Visualizing Visual Cultural Studies at BZU Seminar, Birzeit University, West Bank, Palestine, March 2009


Simon Faulkner is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.

Jointly Authored Book

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Faulkner, S., 2016. 'Palestinian press photographers, Facebook, and the presentation of the political self', Picturing the Social 2016, The Whitworth, Manchester, 20 June.