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Sue Fox B.A.,P.G.C.E.

Senior Lecturer
Film and Media Studies

Sue Fox

Sue Fox has a first transgressive novel out called 'The Visceral Tear' (The Art of Cuntography) published via ONEIROS BOOKS 2015/16. It is available globally priced £15

"Transgressive underground literature is alive and well in the Uk. A woman living in Manchester has written a long and difficult experimental ode to her lifelong masturbatory habits, which is by turns shocking, funny, sad, distressing, erotic, contradictory, infuriating, vulnerable, aggressive. . .Every single chapter entirely based purely around sexual fantasies and memories and descriptions of orgasm. Something to upset everyone in here, this is up there with Genet, Burroughs or Sade for explicit and taboo content and the stream of consciousness prose is often impressive. Heterosexual younger men should read this book, they may learn some things. And older men come to think of it, and any woman hung up in guilt about their sexuality, or caught in the sugar and spice trap! Highest possible recommendation for anyone interested in human sexuality in all its beautiful and troubling forms". (Simon M)

Fox is known for her taboo images of the dead, first portrayed in a three part series called ‘VILE BODIES’ on contemporary and international photographers in 1997 & 2000. Included in the series are Jenny Saville, Joel-Peter Witkin, Andres Serrano, Sally Mann, & Nick Wapplington.

Film & TV Appearances:-

Episode 3 of 'The Dead' directed by James Kent for Blast Films and Channel 4.

She appeared in ‘Gallery Explorer 38’ a documentary in 2001, showcasing artists at Rogue Artists Studios, Comme Ca Art PR, and artists in Hohlmann, Germany. Fox’s images appear in ‘The Works’ a Granada series on Art with Anthony Wilson featuring Photographers and ‘Flux’ magazine in 2002. Fox was flown to Scotland to Tern TV studios for two discussion programmes on ‘SEX and DEATH’ on the ‘Faith Without Walls’ series in 2002. In 2010, Fox appeared in a documentary film for “Tonight with Trevor Macdonald” on ITV 1 in 2004. This programme looked at alternative lifestyles and shopping habits and cultural dispositions. Fox appeared in a film for ARTE, a German/French cultural channel, ‘Sterben Im Museum’. ‘L’Expose du Mort’ (‘The Exposition of Death’) directed by Marion Schmidt, and featuring the works of Christian Boltanski, Gregor Schneider, & Walter Schnels.

Fox has exhibited in the UK and abroad including:- Michaelis Galleries, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China. Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden, Germany. Museum of Fine Arts. Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland. Manchester Museum. The University of Manchester. Museum de Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany. Swiss National Museum, Munich, Zurich. Historiches Museum Bielefeld, Germany. Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney. Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Canada. The Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain. Kvindmuseet I Danmark, Denmark. Ahorn-Greineisen, Berlin. D'Arles, France. National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford. Anne Faggionato Gallery, London. Grosvenor Gallery MMU, Manchester. Pankhurst Centre, Manchester.

Tempting Failures Festival 22 -29 July 2016
Day 2 of Tempting Failure CIC'S #TF2016 opens with the first gallery exhibition of Sue Fox entitled 'The Forgotten' (The Unborn) at the Descartes Gallery in Matthews Yard, Croydon, London.
'The Visceral Tear' book launch. Transgressive Art & Performance Sat 14th November 2015 @WonderInn with such artists as David Bez, Simon Taylor, David Hoyle, Lee Baxter, Iain Pearson, Jonathon McGrath, Miki Christi, Louise Woodcock & Sandra Bouguerch.
"Between Subject & Object" a conference and exhibition curated by Josephine Higgins, Kathryn Smith and Penny Siopis, 8-30th August 2014 @ Michaelis Galleries, University of Cape Town, South Africa showing with Silverthorne, Walter Schels, Jordan Baseman.
‘Encountering Corpses’ exhibition with Paul Koudounaris & Sue Fox @ The Sacred Trinity Church, Salford from 28th March - Thursday 10th April, 2014, curated by Fox, Malarky and Amor.
‘Antifreeze’ (Contents May Vary) presents art car boot sale on 4th July 2009 @ Chips Building, Ardwick, Manchester, with ‘Cunt & the Family’ memorabilia from Frau Fuchs and 60 alternative artists works.
‘The Genital Portrait Series’ solo show in 2008 @ ‘ART’ (Michael Mayhew’s studio), Manchester.
‘All Go Digital’ Manchester Metropolitan University Academics Show
at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China in May 2007, touring
to Xiamen University in Oct 2007 and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China in Nov 2007. Cur. Tongyu Zhou.
‘Six Feet Under’ tour to Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden, Germany in Sept 2007- March 2008 Cur. Bernhard Fibischer.
‘Six Feet Under’ an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland from Nov 2006 to Jan 2007
‘Rogue Open Studios’ @ Rogue Artists Studios, Piccadilly, Manchester
Oct 2001/Nov 2002/Oct 2003/Nov 2004/Dec 2005/Nov 2006/May 2008/ 2009/June 2010 A variety of taboo photographs of bodies spanning ten years.
‘Conversations on the Subject of Feminism’ at Cornerhouse, Manchester July-August 2005. Supporting exhibition for ‘Prologue’, a European women’s showcase.
‘Sex, Death and Flat Pack Furniture’ an exhibition at the Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University from March-April 2005.
‘Explore, Expand, Exchange’ Cur. Ben Coode-Adams @ Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester. Oct-Jan 2004
‘Inferno’ Cur. Paul Stone @ Guildhall, Quayside, Newcastle. Oct 2000
‘Late Liberties’ @ Museum de Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany which toured Swiss National Museum, Musee Suisse, Zurich and Historiches Museum Bielefeld. Nov 2000-2001
‘The Liminal Body’ Cur. Alasdair Foster @ Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney. Sept-Oct 2000
‘Psycho’ Cur. Danny Moynihan @ Anne Faggionato Gallery, London with Hirst, Lucas, Witkin, & Bacon. Feb-April 2000
‘La Mort’ @ Gilles Peyroulet & Cie Gallery, Paris with Nick Waplington. Oct-Nov 1999
‘Recontres Internationales de la Photographie’ cur. Gabriel Bauret @ Arles, France. July 1998
‘The Dead’ @ Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal, Canada. Sept-Oct 1997
‘Flying Over Water’ by Peter Greenaway @ The Miro Foundation, Barcelona, Spain with Hans Danuser. Mar-May 1997
‘What She Wants’ Cur. Naomi Salaman @ Kvindmuseet I Danmark, Denmark. Jan-Mar 1996
‘The Dead’ Cur. Val Williams & Greg Hobson @ National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford. Oct 1995-Jan 1996

'The Sun Machine' (A Literary Tribute to David Bowie). Edited by Salem Kapsaski APRES VAGUE PRESS 2017/2018
'The Visceral Tear' (The Art of Cuntography). A novel by Sue Fox ONEIROS 2015
'Computertechnik und Sterbekultur' by Knud Bohle, Jochen Berendes, Mathias Gutmann, Caroline Robertson-von Trotha, & Constanze Scherz 2014 Lit Verlag.
'Pornographic Art and the Aesthetics of Photography' by Hans Maes 2013 (Palgrave Macmillan).
‘A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead’ by Charlotte Rodgers & Lydia Maskell 2012.
‘Fifteen Plus One’ edited by Alan Dunn 2007.
‘The New Visbility of Death’ by Prof. Thomas Macho 2007.
'Art and Obscenity: On the Margins of the Aesthetic in 20th century Western Visual Culture' by Professor Mey 2007.
‘Six Feet Under’ – Autopsy of Our Relation to the Dead’ by Bernhard Fibicher 2006.
‘Still Life’ a publication by Iris, Staffordshire University 2006.
'Revealing Art' by Prof. Matthew Kieran 2005.
'Handbook of Death & Dying' by Prof. Clifton D. Bryant 2003 (Sage).
'Trangressions - The Offences of Art' by Anthony Julius 2002 (Thames & Hudson).
'Projekt Leben' - Ethik Fur Die Oberstufe Dr. Eva Jelden, Dr. Matthias Jung 2001 KLETT
'Beyond The Body:Death & Social Identity' by Elizabeth Hallam, Jenny Hockey & Glennys Howarth 1999 (Routledge)
‘Photography: A Critical Introduction’ by Liz Wells 1996.
‘Photography – A Crash Course’ by Dave Yorath 2000.
‘Post Mortem’ by Sue Fox 1997
‘Vile Bodies – Photography & the Crisis of Looking’ by Chris Townsend 1997.
'Flying Over Water’ by Peter Greenaway 1997.
‘The Dead’ by Val Williams & Greg Hobson 1995.
'What She Wants' by Naomi Salaman 1994.

Conference Papers:-
“Death, Dysfunction & the Olympic Ideal”, a symposium and live web conference at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney on 9th September 2000. Speakers included Farrell & Parkin, Jon Baturin, Dieter Huber, Bill Jacobson, Rebecca Scott-Bray, Sue Fox and Diana Thorneycroft.
“Death, the Final Chapter”, a paper given at Manchester Metropolitan University, Geoffrey Manton Building, Lecture Theatre L1 in 2001 in a program with Tracey Emin.
“Redeye Talks –Spring 2001”, a lecture called ‘Taboo’ about her latest work at the Richard Goodall Photographic Gallery, Manchester.
“The Business of the Flesh – Art, Science & Access to the Human Body”, Oxford, Ruskin School of Art, with Dr. Ruth Richardson, Jane Wildgoose and Professor Brian Hurwitz, in 2002. Speakers included Simon Costin, Sarah Simblet, and Fox.
“Escape Your Garb” workshop at The Circle Club, St. Anne’s Square with a paper on ‘The Art of Cross-Dressing Through-Out History’ in 2003. Funded by Redeye Photographers Network.
“Explore Expand Exchange” 2004 Artist Lecture Days@ The Whitworth Art Gallery, speaking on illness and the visceral body via imagery in ‘Face Your Flesh’ that illustrated the permanent ‘body’ collection held at Manchester Museum.
“The New Visibility of Death”, Berlin, Germany at Ahorn-Greineisen, with Professor Tomas Macho, 2005. Speakers included Jeffrey Silverthorne, Hans Danuser, Rudolf Schafer, Birgit Richard, Teresa Margolles, Rebecca Scott-Bray and Sue Fox. The paper was entitled ‘Contemplations on the Corpse’ and appears in ‘Die Neue Sichbarkeit Des Todes’.
“National Youth Theatre” at the Lowry Theatre, Manchester 2008. A talk entitled ‘Aspects Of Death’ using the book ‘Post Mortem’ as a source of inspiration for the team of young actors in their production of ‘Macbeth’, directed by Jon McGrath of Ikebana Productions.
“The Genital Portrait Series” a public talk on (Art & Cyber Sex) @ ‘ART’ curated by Michael Mayhew in 2008.
“The Muscailt Spring Arts Festival” Galway, Ireland 2009. Performance and lecture and guest speaker on ‘The Decomposition of the Flesh’ @ The National University of Ireland.
The Allery – Whalley Range, Manchester. A pop-up art Gallery, a made in Art event, curated by Michael Mayhew from June 1st - June 5th – 2012
‘Encountering Corpses Conference’ @ Manchester University Museum Wednesday 26th March 2014 from 12 noon - 7pm. The paper was entitled 'The Visceral Tear' and recounted the mortuary experience through images and poetry recorded on to film.

Performance with Lydia Lunch and workshop participants of spoken word at Islington Mill, Manchester in November 2015. CD and publication out now via a Samarbeta Residency.

Tempting Failures Festival July 2016
Day 2 of Tempting Failure CIC'S #TF2016 opens with our first gallery exhibiton of Sue Fox at the Descartes Gallery in Matthews Yard. Fox will present a series of still images of babies that died pre-term, in-utero for TF2016. These are beautiful bodies like tiny sea-shells. We do not readily see such things and push them to the back of consciousness and out of our recognition. These beings lived and died without being known. It is a calling to remember such lost beings, discarded and forgotten.

Fox performed hypnosis in a performative collaboration with Lundahl & Seitl at The Fierce Festival, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry in October 2013 alongside such artists as Franko B., the Joshua Light Show and Heather Cassils.
Ron Athey in ‘Gifts of the Spirit: Automatic Writing’. Fox performed as a hypnotist and performer with Ron Athey and led body-orientated workshops like Tai Chi Qigong and guided meditations for the ‘Fierce Festival’ @ TROVE, The Old Science Museum, Birmingham, April 2012. Another production of Ron Athey's 'Gifts of the Spirit’ preceeded the Birmingham show and was held @ Manchester University's Whitworth Hall, in June 2011. I performed with Ron & Othon Matamagras as a hypnotist, trance and seance leader and workshop facilitator for 25 student and artist performers.

Menarche @ Gorse Hill Studios in mid November 2016, directed by ex Falls founder Una Baines. Performed as the goddess of air doing martial arts in a play about a young women's journey to selfhood.

"Evening With MMU Writers'on June 13th, 2017 at the Anthony Burgess Centre with leading academic writers.

Fox performs in a clown troupe called the 'Dirty Honkies', who have toured the UK & Ireland, with entertainers and performers such as David Hoyle, Ron Athey, Michael Mayhew and Alexis Milne. Fox is currently working on new photographic images about 'the visceral body' and a series on 'abandoned buildings' exploring the peripheries of access points. Fox is writing poetry and collating old poems into surreal collections. Fox is doing film projects and working on a series of novels and was commissioned to make an avant-garde music video set in a church, for Magdalena Solis, a sonic and visual arts band, based in Brussels.
Fox performed at the Hacienda in 1983 at a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Punk with Michael Mayhew & Co. and directed by Sci-Fi writer Jeff Noon.

Fox is a Shodan first degree black belt in Kung Fu and studied with the following martial artists; Steve Powell, Danny Connors, Joel Thompson, Joe Wray, and Lance Lewis amongst others. She is a trained nutritionist and naturopath. Fox is a Tai Chi Qigong teacher and trainer in the martial arts, self defence for women, boxing, weight training and power lifting. Fox did army and SAS training in Liverpool.

Academic Work:-

Fox has written six novels, some 600,000 words since 2008-2011 on the subject of ‘art, sex and dark minds’. She completed her first novel (writings that are edited from the 6 novels) and published in November 2015.

New novels are in progress along with a compendium of short stories. Fox has been publishing extracts of her diaries via the online magazine ‘Paraphilia’ since 2008 (edited by Dire McCain & David Mitchell) for transgressive literature and art by global writers. She also gives performances and readings of her novels in and around Manchester bars, clubs, and art venues such as TROF, the Green Room, the Sand Bar, The Wonder Inn & Dry Bar and at art galleries and Universities.

Fox has written in the past for the leading photography magazine ‘Hotshoe International’ 2000, for editor and leading photographic historian Dr. Chris Townsend and also worked on Manchester’s ‘City Life’ in 2003, with a year long column as the ‘Witch Doctor’ on health and alternative lifestyles. Fox’s writings appear in ‘Antique Children’ 2010 Issue One, ‘SPIT’ ed. Jim Lopez (U.S.A.) and Volume 3. ‘The Doppleganger’.

Ph.D. Papers:-

‘The Eschatology of the Image’ by Dr. Rebecca Scott-Bray
(The University of Sydney, Australia)

Visual Codes of Secrecy: Photography of Death and Projective Identities by Dr. Julia St. George (University of Woolongong)

'Seeing Death: Portraiture in Contemporary Post-Mortem Photography' by Josephine Higgins 2013

International publications/papers:-

"Zeichen oder Leichen?" by Kristin Marek
Digitale Entkörperlichung versus Materialität in der Kunst“ (Signs or Corpses? Digital Disembodiment versus Materiality in Art) published by Caronline Y. Robertson-von Trotha u.a. (Hrsg.): Computertechnik und Sterbekultur (Hermeneutik und Anthropologie) 2013, 75-94.

Further links to Fox's work in media and elsewhere in publications....

Vile Bodies review in 1997

Vile Bodies review with painter Jenny Saville in 1997 discussing Fox's photographs

Pornographic Art & The Aesthetics of Pornography by Hans Maes

Beyond the Body: Death And Identity by Elizabeth Hallam

Art & Obscenity by Professor Kerstin Mey 2007

Trangressions by Anthony Julius 2002

Post Mortem (signed and limited edition) on Amazon


Sue Fox is a member of the Media Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Fox, S., 2015. 'The Visceral Tear'.

Other Outputs

Cuthbert, V., 2010. 'Judge at Kino film festival', Involved in judging the Best International Animated film category at the Kino film festival 2010.