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Millar, L., 2018.

The Erotic Cloth; seduction and fetishism

Output Type:Book
Publisher:Bloomsbury Academic, London
Number of Works:12

'The Erotic Cloth' seeks to explore the qualities of cloth to seduce, conceal and reveal have been explored and exploited in art, design, cinema, politics and dance. Kettle/MMU conceived and co-edited this volume in collaboration with Professor Lesley Millar of UCA Farnham. Kettle authored one chapter and co-authored the introductory essay and four subsidiary introductions. The book emerged from the colloquiam which constitutes previously unpublished research on the aesthetics of cloth as a sensual medium. The book offers a survey of contemporary thinking on the experience of the erotic in cloth through perspectives on the methods, politics and philosophies of encounters with cloth. Organised into four cognate sections, the research addresses the elisions and frictions of the erotic in cloth and posits that cloth as a sensual material language permeates the other fields of practice.
Chapters by Angela Maddock, Dr.Claire Jones, Dr Nigel Hurlstone, Debra Roberts, Ruth Hingston, Prof Malcolm Garrett, Prof.Catherine Harper, Dr Artur Skweres, Dr Catherine Dormor, Dr.Georgina Williams, Dr.Georgina Williams, Masako Matsushita