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Ian Whadcock

Senior Lecturer, BA(Hons) Illustration with Animation and MA/MFA Illustration

Ian Whadcock

Ian Whadcock has an established professional Illustration practice dating back over 25 years prior to rejoining Manchester School of Art in 2014. Ian was previously a contributor to MMU over a number of years as a sessional lecturer and invited guest speaker.

Ian has key role in promoting the student ambition through a range of external engagement initiatives. These projects are often connected to the city, it's heritage, stories and environment resulting in collaborative opportunities which provide valuable experience for the students and increased visibility for the illustration programme and Manchester School of Art across the city. As part of his role Ian has taken responsibility for raising the national profile of the course through participation in the graduate showcase at New Designers in 2016 and 2017. Since 2015 Ian has also been curating social media accounts for the course and developing an alumni/practice blog to promote wider awareness of graduate achievement and to promote engagement with broader practice related areas of research on the course.

Facebook: Manchesterschoolofartillustrationwithanimation
Twitter: @MMUIllusAnim
Instagram: iwa_mcrschart

During his freelance career Ian was recognised with a number of Gold, Silver and Bronze Association of Illustrator Awards, for commissions in the UK and abroad. Primarily based in the publishing and editorial field, his practice has been a regular fixture in The Guardian, Telegraph and Times newspapers and featured in The Economist, Wall Street Journal and numerous other magazines and publications. In 1999/2001 a large body of work was commissioned as part of a two year advertising campaign for Powergen PLC including site specific applications of artwork on London Underground, Heathrow and East Midlands airports and as Taxi Wraps in the city of London. This also generated a series of short collaborative animations for TV working with Picasso Pictures/Damian Gascoigne. Ian remains a career long member and supporter of The Association of Illustrators in the UK.

Commissioned work is also underpinned by a commitment to collaboration with community projects centred around design applications for the performing arts and local theatre.

Ian Whadcock has been a career long contributor and supporter of the study of Illustration and has given guest lectures and delivered sessional programmes on a range of undergraduate courses across the UK, Including Falmouth School of Art, University of the West of England, Bristol, The University of Derby, Huddersfield University, Stockport College and Sheffield Hallam University.

Ian has also been an active member of 'Inspiring the Future' which develops links between practitioner, schools and colleges, based on raising the awareness and understanding of pathways into careers in the art and design field.


'Let In The Stars' A New Collection of Children's Poetry Published July 2014

A new Illustrated book of Children's Poetry 'Let in The Stars' published by MMU in July 2014. Poems were selected by invited submissions from across the world and published via a collaboration between Manchester Writing School and Manchester School of Art, Illustration with Animation students. Details…

A New Manchester Alphabet Publication with Special Collections and Manchester Writing School 2015.

Publication 2015: A New Manchester Alphabet. A unique collaboration between the Manchester Writing School, the Manchester School of Art, Illustration with Animation and MMU Special Collections. Details…

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Limited Edition - Inky Parrot Press 2015

A Sesquicentennial Edition of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' I was contacted by Dennis Hall to take part in this project in March 2014 - published April 2015, with a charming hand written letter and a nominal fee. An open brief to work with Chapter 8 titled - The Queen's Croquet-Ground. Details…

App Hack Knowledge Exchange April 2016

Developed over a 12 month period the project began with a request to illustrate a collection of 100 Lateral Thinking problems written by Dr Lloyd Strickland from Humanities. Through an extended series of meetings and conversations over a 6 month period, including Mark Ratcliffe in RKE, a project was delivered in April 2016 facilitated by Digital Innovation /Hayley Walsh. Details…

Bradford Pit Project June 2016

A project with origins in the 3D Design course and ex 3D student Lauren Murphy, extended through Humanities in Public and the Manchester Histories Festival to create an exhibition in June 2016. Taking part were Department of Design/Media programmes 3D Design, Illustration with Animation, Graphic Design and Photography. Details…

Hypnotised: Collaboration with Lewis Sykes for Seeing Sound Symposium Bristol 2016

The project evolved out of as series of informal conversations around use of social media in teaching in MIRIAD in the early part of 2016. These sessions were open invitations from Lewis Sykes to provide support with regard to developing these aspects of programmes or personal projects. Details…

London Road Fire Station Project 2017

Cross departmental external collaborative project based on the London Road Fire Station. The project has been instigated and managed by Jenny Walker (independent practitioner) with academic organisational support from Ian Whadcock (Design) and Gavin Parry (Media). Details…

Manchester City Library Transport Poster Exhibition June 2014

Initiated by David Govier at the newly reopened Manchester City Library. This project was inspired by the discovery of a set of 1920's Transport posters created for trams in Manchester in the library archives. Details…

Performing Arts Collaboration 1 2010 - 2015

Established in September 2010 there has been a creative partnership between Ian Whadcock and The Fallibroome Academy Performing Arts Department, to generate advertising and design outcomes for theatre productions in music, dance and drama. These range from one off events to annual What's On Guides, full production programmes and outdoor festivals. Details…

Performing Arts Collaboration 2 2013-2015

Stage Design and artistic Direction with Prestbury Youth Pantomime. This partnership is now in its third year with the remit growing with each production. Details…

Political Poster Workshop - October 2014

One day cross programme brief with Graphic Design and Illustration with Animation students and staff from Manchester School of Art, Liverpool John Moores University and Salford University. Project launched and directed by Illustrator Steve Smith /Neesden Control Centre. Details…

Walking the Lines June 2013

A personal body of work commenced June 2013 exploring the use of drawn thoughts, memories and photographic records derived from walks in and around the White Peak on the Cheshire, Derbyshire borders. The work seeks to explore the relationship between differing internal and external journeys undertaken simultaneously whilst en route and how these are translated and communicated through the resulting artworks. Details…


Ian Whadcock is a member of the Art Pedagogic Experiment Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Imaginary Worlds

Whadcock, I., 2016. Imaginary Worlds, Oriel Davies Newtown Powys Wales, 22nd October 2016 - 24th February 2017.

Fifty years of Illustration ExhibitionFifty Years of Illustration Full pageFifty Years of Illustration profile page50 Years of Illustration

Whadcock, I., 2015. Fifty years of Illustration, UCL london, October 2014.

Down to a Sunless Sea

Whadcock, I., 2014. London Stories, London Transport Museum, 14th February - 6th April.

Whadcock, I., 2013. AOI Illustration Awards 2013, Somerset House/ AOI Website Shortlisted/ Advertising, 2nd - 27th October 2013/ Permanent online archive.

Whadcock, I., 2013. Brighton Illustration: Then, Now, After, University of Brighton Art Gallery, 14th January and 14th February 2013.

Whadcock, I., 2012. AOI Illustration Awards Images 36 2012, Somerset House London, 2nd - 28th October 2012.

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McCullough, I., 2010. The Windhorse Project., All Saints Manchester, 2010.


Whadcock, I., 2013. 'Ideas Generation and Conceptual Thinking', A Diverse Practice, London College of Communication, 4th December 2013.

Whadcock, I., 2013. 'Professional Practice and Personal Work', Professional Practice Lecture Series., Stockport College, School of Arts, Design and Media.