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Kirsteen Aubrey

Education Lead: Design Department

Kirsteen Aubrey

Kirsteen is currently a Faculty Manager for Employment, Employability and Enterprise, looking at methods to develop, implement and enhance employability skills and student opportunities within the curriculum.

Kirsteen joined Manchester School of Art in 2004, having been Programme Leader for Glass & Ceramic Course at the University of Sunderland. Between 2012- 2015 she was Joint/Sole Programme Leader for the Three Dimensional Design Programme at Manchester School of Art. She has previously taught in New Zealand, and has held various External examining positions; currently she holds this post at University of Sunderland: BA(Hons)Glass and Ceramic Programme.

Her glasswork explores handmaking and digital technology and features in “New Technologies in Glass” (V Cutler).
Kirsteen has collaborated with Alice Kettle and Amanda Raevetz to exhibit at Royal Scottish Aademy (VAS, 2015). Other selected exhibitions include "Material Matters"(2014), "Seamless" (Slovakia, 2013), "The Glass Journey" (2012) and Lednicke-Rovne Glass Symposium in Slovakia.
Kirsteen also explores Glass in relation to Healthcare, particularly Dementia and Aging. Here, she has presented her research at the European Conference on Design4Health (July 2015), and has previously co-presented papers on the impact of Craft and Design within Arts for Health (Making Futures,2013; CARPE, 2013).

Kirsteen is currently undertaking a Doc. Ed. at MMU and is a Fellow of HEA.
She successfully attained two Fellowships from the 'Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching' and 'Teaching and innovation'(2014 and 2015). The former led to research into material assumptions across Glass, Fine Art, Photography and Textiles; the latter project is co-led with Liz Wheeldon- Wyatt and explores inclusivity, flexibility, access, diversity and retention of students as they transition from secondary to teritiary education. She has successfully submitted papers for various conferences, including Group for Learning in Art and Design, CELT (2015) and RAISE in 2016.


Kirsteen Aubrey is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


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On the SIde of the Angels

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Conference Papers

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