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Mark Beecroft

Senior Lecturer
Textiles in Practice

Mark Beecroft

Mark completed his BA (Hons) Embroidery degree at the Manchester School of Art followed by an MA in Textiles funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Alongside his teaching on the Textiles in Practice programme, Mark is part of Rogue Artistís studio group and has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally, including the USA and China.

Markís practice is an exploration of process, utilising digital software and digital fabrication in combination with photography, print and mathematical model making. He explores repetition through pattern and form, working with a range of materials including paper, acrylic and wood.

As a member of the Design Research Group, Mark works at the intersection of textile innovation and new materiality, adopting a hybrid approach to technologies such as 3D Printing. Mark is interested in how digital fabrication and hand-crafted techniques can be integrated in the design process.


Technical Crafting

Experimental in its approach this body of work explores the morphing and integration of 3D printed shapes with knitted, woven and non-woven fabrics. With a focus on creating movement and flexibility within the 3D printed forms, interlocking loops are taken from the structure of knit. Details…


Mark Beecroft is a member of:

A selection of recent research outputs.


Beecroft, M and McPherson, L., 2014. 3D Printing The Future, Digital Innovation,The Shed MMU.

McPherson, L and Beecroft, M, 2014. Knitting Nottingham, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University.

Beecroft, M., 2014. Moving Textiles: Digital Encounters, Herbert Read Gallery UCA Canterbury.

McPherson, L. and Beecroft, M., 2014. Spin Expo, Shanghai, China.

Beecroft, M., 2013. Seamless: The Digital in Design, Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubjana, Slovenia.

Beecroft, M., 2012. Access All Areas, Holden Gallery Manchester

Beecroft, M., 2012. Lost is Found, The Cornerhouse Gallery Manchester.

Beecroft, M., 2011. Amateras Annual Mini Paper Art Exhibition, Sofia Paper Art Fest, Bulgaria.

Beecroft, M., 2011. Calculated Results: Mathematical Art, The Arts Center, Corvallis USA.

Beecroft, M., 2011. Nottingham Open 11, Nottingham Castle Art Gallery.

Beecroft, M., 2010. The Power of Copying, Xuzhou Museum of Art, China.

Beecroft, M., 2006. Art of the Stitch, touring exhibition RWA Bristol, The HUB Sleaford, Williamson Art Gallery and Museum Birkenhead.

Beecroft, M., 2006. Paperworks: Paper Art Now, Bury Art Gallery.