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Dr Philip Ely

Reader in Design


Book Chapters

Ely, P., 2023. 'Conclusion - Beyond normal design thinking: reflections on the evolution of a paradigm and ideas for the new incommensurable'. In Research Handbook on Design Thinking, pp. 294-314, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Kueh, C., Durrant, G., Peng, F., Ely, P., Bionat, JF., 2023. 'Transforming Complexity: A Human-Centred Design Approach to Engage Young People in the Philippines with Dialogues About HIV Service Delivery'. In Human-Centered Service Design for Healthcare Transformation, pp. 243-264, Springer International Publishing.

Kueh, C., Peng, F., Ely, P., Durrant, G., 2022. 'A Speculation for the Future of Service Design in Healthcare: Looking Through the Lens of a Speculative Service Design Framework'. In Service Design Practices for Healthcare Innovation, pp. 115-131, Springer International Publishing.

Journal Articles

Ely, P., 2020. 'Designing Futures for an Age of Differentialism', Design and Culture, 12 (3), pp. 265-288.

Ely, P., Geneste, L., 2020. 'Spinning in Helices: Design and the Question of Value', Design Management Journal, 15 (1), pp. 44-57.

Frohlich, DM., Ely, P., Moore, H., Golsteijn, C., Egglestone, P., Mills, J., Rogers, J., Metcalf, T., Stone, K., Menicou, M., 2017. 'Designing interactive newsprint', International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 104, pp. 36-49.

Moullin, JC., Ely, P., Uren, H., Staniland, L., Nielsen, S., Lenton, S., 2017. 'Developing a single-session strategy for the implementation of take-home naloxone by community pharmacists using COM-B and design-thinking', Frontiers in Health Services, 3.

Polonyová, E., Ondos, S., Ely, P., 2015. 'The location choice of graduate entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom', Miscellanea Geographica, 19 (4), pp. 34-43.

Conference Papers

Ely, P., Saad, Q., Smith, D., 2017. 'Monsters in the borderlands: Designer-academics in action', Design Research Society Conference 2020, in DRS2020: Synergy.