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200 Years Slavery Now

'200 Years, Slavery Now', Figure-head, 2007
'200 Years, Slavery Now'. Chained (detail) 2007
'200 Years, Slavery Now'. Enslaved (detail) 2007

21 Countries

'21 Countries' Imperial War Museum North Installation 2004
'21 Countries' Plate 21 2004 (Detail)
'21 Countries' Plate 21 2004
'21 Countries' Plate 3.
'21 Countries' Plate 5.
'21 Countries' Plate 6.
MAD Museum, September 2008


'Fortress' 2005
Asylum project, printed tile. 2001
Asylum project, printed tile (detail). 2001

Beyond The Seas

'Beyond the Seas'. Bush pantry, 2008
'Beyond the Seas'. Cook plate (detail) 2007
'Beyond the Seas'. HAT project exhibition, British Council, Delhi, 2007
'Beyond the Seas'. Reworked tin-wares. 2006
'Beyond the Seas'. Stack. 2007
'Beyond the Seas'. Stamps, 2007

Clocking On

Clocking On (installation detail)
Clocking On (installation detail)
Clocking On (installation detail)
Rajnagar Mill installation

Embedded Narratives

Exhibition view
Untitled drawing
'Soldier' plate
Making installation drawing
Installation drawing
Installation drawing detail


Shards from the Spode excavation.
Plate 1 from BCB plate installation.
Excavation in progress
Josiah Spode's violin?

Frankenstein Project

Frankenstein Head no. 1
Frankenstein Head no. 2
Frankenstein Head no. 3
Pandora Printed tile (detail)
Frankenstein printed tile (detail)
Pandora drawing


Warli Kendra, Ramesh Hengade


Heart:beat installation view, Bapugoan January 2017


'Hero' bicycle with ceramic interventions.
'Hero' detail of floral tyre.
'Hero' detail of floral saddle.
Lala Bhai with 'Hero'.
Lala Bhai's repair shop, Ahmedabad.


Plate 1
Plate 2
Plate 3
Plate 4
Plate 5
Plate 6
Plate 7
Plate 8
Plate 9


Janus head
Janus head
Janus (detail)
Janus in 'Allegory' exhibition

Letters from Tripoli

Letters from Tripoli (cabinet detail)
Letters from Tripoli (cabinet detail)
Letters from Tripoli (cabinet detail)
Letters from Tripoli (detail)


Monopoly battleship sculpture
Monopoly battleship sculpture
Battleship (detail of bone china flowers)
The Floralists: Sheila (Portrait by Gavin Parry and David Penny)
The Floralists: Maureen (Portrait by Gavin Parry and David Penny)
The Floralists: Jeanette (Portrait by Gavin Parry and David Penny)

Passchendaele: Mud and Memory

Terracotta portrait bust, Zonnebeke clay.
Excavated artefacts from Passchendaele battlefield site.
Exhibition installation view
Excavated objects, detail
Printed NACB plate

Refuge: Ropner's ghost ship.

Preston Park Museum, Teesside

Ghost ship: installation view


Reflections on the Great War through artworks inspired by Staffordshire collections.

The Beautiful Game
Resonance installation, Museum of Cannock Chase.
Special Delivery
They'll Never Believe Me!
Witness (detail)
Dear Aunt Lotte
The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Flowers of the Field
The Beautiful Game (detail)
They Didn't Believe Me!
From your loving sweetheart (detail)
Column (detail)
Christ of the Trenches (detail)
Pocket Shrine (detail of 'Christ of the Trenches')
Roses of Picardy
Roses of Picardy (detail)
Roses of Picardy (detail)


An installation at British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke-on-Trent, 2015.

Completed installation
floral tributes (detail)
floral tributes
Completed installation
Resonate: work in progress (detail)
Resonate: work in progress.

Restoration series

Restoration: Aung San Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi, detail
Aung San Suu Kyi, detail
Restoration: Liu Xiaobo
Liu Xiaobo (detail)
Restoration: Liu Xiaobo
Restoration: Carl von Ossietsky
Carl von Ossietsky (detail)
Restoration; Carl von Ossietsky

Savage Indignation

'The Sphinx' teapot. 2004.
'Babylon' vessel 2003
'Chimera' teapot. 2004
'Babylon' detail. 2003

SS Argentina

Printed tiles
SS Argentina
SS Argentina, detail

The Lost Boys: Remembering the Boy Soldiers of the First World War.

Photo by Johnny Magee

At Heart a Man (installation detail)
The Lost Boys remembrance event, 8/11/15
Postcard representing a WW1 a boy soldier.
Postcard portrait of a boy soldier
At Heart a Man (detail of individual plate)
At Heart a Man (Detail of individual plate)
Fred Marshall, lithophane.
Badges of honour.
Text lithophane

The Sleep of Reason

'Their Finest Hour' 2004
'21 Countries' vessel, 2003.
'21 Countries' vessel, detail.