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Eleanor Mulhearn

Senior Lecturer
Illustration with Animation

Eleanor Mulhearn is a practicing artist / animator and Senior Lecturer on the BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation programme. During the last ten years and before joining the School of Art in 2015 to focus on the delivery of animation / moving image, Eleanor taught on a number of BA Illustration programmes in the North of England.

Eleanor brings broad experience to the programme - and as a graduate of the School of Art, is committed to the delivery, development and supervision of diverse forms of animation, enjoying and encouraging, in particular, the personal and individual interests students bring with them to the BA, crossing art and design contexts. Since 2000, Eleanor has worked collaboratively with artists and designers, producing a range of animation and illustration work for cinema and TV. Following this, Eleanor began producing animation / moving image work and installation for theatre production, including puppet theatre, enjoying the tactile and three-dimensional potential of this environment to extend her practice.

Eleanorís practice has become increasingly focused on production of sculptural pieces and set-making in miniature scale, sometimes combining these with projection. The work, constructed from a range of materials, including scrap, found object and ceramics, emerges from a set of themes associated with mythologies of certainty and progress. Eleanorís practice draws further from pre-cinematic roots of animation, folklore and folkloric practices. These narrative elements interweave with social histories surrounding historical and contemporary political and social instabilities.

Eleanor Mulhearn is a member of the Society of Animation Studies and the School of Art Design Research Group


1. Made in Translation

Arts and Humanities Staff Research Exhibition. A series of collaborative responses to the Manchester based historical Portico Library collection, led by Alice Kettle, April 2017-June 2017 The Forest, the Clearing, the Thing, is a collaborative project made with Des McCannon and our contribution to Made in Translation. Details…

2. Atopia Project (vol. 1) / Miniature Worlds Castlefield Gallery

The Atopia Project (vol.1) First of a series of works made with Steven Gartside. Details…

3. Fewer Emergencies

A series of projections made for an experimental production of Martin Crimpís play, produced and directed by Chloe Beale (Proper Job Theatre), for her PhD practice-based research production, touring 2016. Using hand-held miniature projectors. Details…

4. Grimmís Feast

An installation of miniatures in peephole environments, commissioned to accompany Arts Council Funded production, Grimmís Fairy tale adaptation, directed by Proper Job Theatre and written by Ian McMillan, touring 2015/6. The work explores the focused presence of the puppet without animation, drawing also on tropes of pre- / early filmic presentation, through specific apertures and angles of vision. Details…

5. Moomins

Animation for the Horse and Bamboo Puppet Theatre / Bath Theatre Company Production, opening the first UK puppet theatre production of the Moomins at Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, showing Dec 2015- Jan 2016, working with the Moomin Foundation on artwork representation.. Details…

6. Hansel and Gretel

A series of animations / moving image projections for the Horse and Bamboo Theatre production, touring Northern Uk theatres in 2015/6. The animation uses diverse forms, including stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, rotoscope, pixillation of actors in mask, re-composited into film, model and live action. Details…

7. The Fielden Project

Todmorden Unitarian Church / United Chapel Trust, Artistsí collaborative group exhibition and artistsí talks. Eight artists from the Calder Valley worked in response to the landmark site in the valley town, producing a range of diverse works, including sound, photography, writing, sculpture, drawing to sound and performance. Details…


A selection of recent research outputs.


Mulhearn, E., 2019. Thair thou shall find both siluer and gold, Portico Library.

Mulhearn, E., 2019. The House of Opposites, Dean Clough Gallery Halifax / Weaver's Factory Uppermill.