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Louise Adkins

Senior Lecturer

I am an artist based in Manchester and a senior lecturer in the School of Art. My practice has grown out of a series of performance, artists' film and installation works.

My practice investigates the relationship between culture and historic narrative. My work is concerned with contemporary collective histories and the documentation of historic events identified in archives, libraries, collections and heritage sites. I am interested in the performative possibilities of these events and moments and the narrative potential inherent in re-visioning them. I often work with specialist interest groups and communities to develop performances utilizing their skills, knowledge and specialist histories. These partnerships allow me to access expert groups whilst developing new audiences and engagement in the work.

I am the founder, working as artist and curator of 'Between' a programme of performance art commissions established in 2012 in association with the International3 gallery and the Cornerhouse (HOME) Manchester. 
The ‘Between’ programme was concerned with how contemporary performance can utilize the interstitial space of the gallery programme as a creative lab for performance art practice. The Arts Council of England, Manchester Institute of Research in Art and Design (MIRIAD) and the Contemporary Art Society supported and funded the ‘Between’ programme.

In 2016 I was awarded the Amanda Burton scholarship at the University of Leeds to study a PhD (practice based) research project titled: ‘Between Art and Re enactment - historical representation, the actual and the possible’ in the School of Fine Art, Art History and Cultural Studies.


Between - Programme of Performance Commissions

The ‘Between’ project investigates how contemporary performance can challenge the relationship between art and historical representation through re-enactment. Using the ‘Between’ curatorial model the research explores the appropriation of historic cultural events extending the work of Deller and Lütticken as a method of understanding performance art practice within the cultural institution. Details…

Collaborations (Lisalouise)

Collaboration is an intrinsic part of Adkins practice and she has worked with artists from a variety of backgrounds including audio artists, classical musicians and composers and professionals within dance, television and theatre. From 1998 to 2006 Adkins collaborated with the Glasgow based artist Lisa Le Grove under the name ‘Lisalouise’. Details…

Material Balance - Performance re-enactment

The research aim was to investigate the role of re-enactment within the context of performance art. This is with particular reference to the way in which media culture and its reading can inform our understanding of contemporary historical events. Details…

Notes for a Performance - (Re) visioning a Ritual

Portico Library Manchester - Performance and Script Commission 2017 . Details…

Notes for a Performance - (Re) Visioning a Smoky Meeting

Artist residency at the tetley Centre of Contemporary Art, Leeds. New performance, film and publication. Details…

Notes for a Performance - (Re) Visioning a Smoky Meeting

‘Notes for a Performance – (Re) visioning a Smoky Meeting’ was a four-month artist residency at the Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art in Leeds. Working with the Tetley’s industrial archive (located in-house and at West Yorkshire Archives, Leeds) the residency was concerned with imagining the past and how cinematic language informs our understanding of it. Details…

Running, Jumping, Falling - Artist Film

The research aim is to explore narrative representation of women with particular focus on sexualised and violent depictions in contemporary horror films through the appropriation of cinematic choreography and post-production techniques. ‘Running, Jumping, Falling’ is a three-channel installation incorporating film, audio and text which is designed to interact as a series of performances with the architecture of the gallery. Details…

Un-Follow - Foundation of Art and Creative Technology FACT

Exhibition, performance and film installation. 'Un-Follow' was a series of interactive performance events and a film installation commissioned by the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology - FACT in Liverpool for the exhibition Follow. Details…

When I was 16 I Discovered Something - Text and Drawing

. Details…

Windmills of Your Mind - Performance Narratives

Since 2006 Adkins research has focused on the relationship between live performance and digital media. The work explores how new technologies can foster additional and alternative narrative within performance-based practice. Details…


Louise Adkins is a member of the Media Research Group.

A selection of recent research outputs.


Notes For a Performance - (Re) visioning A RitualNotes for a Performance - (Re) visioning A Ritual

Adkins, LB., Hurlstone, I., Duffy, N., 2017. (Re)making Histories and the Gaps Between, The Tetley Centre of Contemporary Art, The Portico Library., 21/4/2017.

Adkins, LB., 2017. Notes for a Performance (Re) visioning a Smoky Meeting, Tetley Contemporary Art Gallery, 1/9/2017.

Notes For a Performance - (Re) visioning A Ritualnotes For a Performance - (Re) visioning A Ritual

Adkins, L.B, 2017. ‘Made in Translation’, Portico Library, Manchester., Feb 2017.

Follow - FACTFollow - FACTFollow - FACTFollow - FACTFollow - FACT

Adkins, L.B, 2016. Follow, FACT, December 2015 - February 2016.

Adkins, LB., 2015. Hold the Pose - the delegated4 performer, framing the spectator and being a 'Professional', Dark Matter Institute (Art in Unusual Spaces) at the Oursler Market in Bradford, and The Foundation for Art and Creative Technology - FACT, 24/6/2015.

Adkins, L.B, 2015. Outcasting A Century of Artists Films., Oriel Mwldan Cardigan, Wales., 2011.

Adkins, L.B, 2015. Sluice Art Fair, Sluice Art Fair - Oxo Tower London, 16 - 18 October 2015.

Dark Matter Institute - Hold the Pose

Adkins,L B, 2014. Dark Matter Institute, Public Art Work - Bradford, May 2014.

'Running Jumping Falling' by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L.B, 2014. Flat Pak, Toast Gallery - Century House (Castlefield Gallery), August 2014.

When I was 16 I Discovered Something - Text (2013)Running, Jumping, Falling - Installation image'Running Jumping Falling' by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L.B, 2014. Seamless - The Digital in Design, Museum of Architecture & Design, Ljubljana Slovenia, September 2013.

'The Windmills of Your Mind' by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L B, 2014. Video Jam - Windmills of your Mind, Manchester Art Gallery, July 2014.

Between 1 - Trisha BagaBetween 1 - Facings by Hayley NewmanBetween 1 - Facings by Hayley Newman

Adkins, L., 2012. Between 1 - Hayley Newman & Trisha Baga, Cornerhouse, March 2012.

Between 2 - Annika Strom

Adkins, L.B, 2012. Between 2 - Annika Strom, Cornerhouse Gallery, June 2012.

Between 2 - The Inept Five by Annika StromBetween 2 - The Inept Five by Annika StromBetween 1 - Material Balance by Louise AdkinsBetween 2 - Material Balance by Louise AdkinsBetween 2 - Material Balance by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L.B, 2012. Between 2 - Material Balance, Cornerhouse Gallery, June 2012.

Between 3 - Lois MacDonald & Helen Collett

Adkins, L.B, 2012. Between 3 - Lois MacDonald & Helen Collett, Cornerhouse Gallery, September 2012.

Adkins, L.B, 2012. Between 3 - Ruth Barker, Cornerhouse Gallery.

Adkins, L.B, 2012. Create Observe Perform, Galleria Alkovi Helsinki, Finland., 2012.

Adkins, L, 2011. Hold the Pose, Vinyl Gallery, May 2011.

Adkins, L., Aeppli, S., Birkbeck, E., Culshaw, G., Duffy, J., Fraga, H., Hecht, A., Lennon, R., Snazell, J., Stansbie, L., Weberg, A., Willgren, T., Woolley, D., 2011. Outcasting: A Century of Artists Film, Oriel Mwldan, 21/5/2011 - 2/7/2011.

Adkins, L.B., 2010. Meanwhile in Manchester, Lombard Method & Grand Union- Birmingham Eastside, May - June 2010.

Adkins, L.B, 2010. Pairings, Special Collections, 2009.

Adkins, L.B., 2010. The Pursuit of Happiness, Arsenal Gallery - Poznan, Poland, May 2010.

'The Windmills of Your Mind' by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L., 2009. 'The Open West 09', 'Pittville Gallery' The University of Gloucestershire, 2009.

Adkins, L., 2009. 'The Pursuit of Happiness', 'The Pursuit of Happiness', 2009.

'The Windmills of Your Mind' by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L., 2009. Artists moving image programme, 'Another Roadside Attraction' Gallery, London, 2009.

Adkins, L.B., 2009. Outcasting Season 10, Outcasting - Online Gallery, November 2009.

Adkins, L., 2009. The Big Screen - Screening, The Big Screen. Cornerhouse, Manchester., 2004.

'Hold the Pose' by Louise Adkins'Hold the Pose' by Louise Adkins'Hold the Pose' by Louise Adkins

Adkins, L., 2009. ‘Pressure Point: Between Tracks’, 'Badhaus' St Gallen Switzerland & 'International3' Gallery, Manchester, 2009.

Adkins, L., 2008. Season 6, 'Outcasting' (moving image gallery), 2008.

Adkins, L., 2008. Various locations across the transpennine route., Artranspennine 2008., 2008.

Adkins, L., 2006. 'Et Tu Tribute', Embassy Gallery – Edinburgh College of Art Sculpture Court., 2006.

'Experience the Difference' by Lisalouise

Adkins, L., 2006. 'The Magic of Real Life in Real Situations'. A CCA commission, CCA – Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow., 2006.

Adkins, L., 2006. The Big Screen - Screening, The Big Screen, Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester and BBC, 2006.

Adkins, L., 2004. 'Bishops Move', Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh., 2004.

Adkins, L., 2003. 'Summer Show', International3, Manchester - Curated by Vilma Gold., 2003.

Adkins, L., 2002. 'Fight’., Leytonstone Centre of Contemporary Art (LCCA), London., 2002.

'Helpmehelpyou' - Lisalouise

Adkins, L., 2002. Arches New Work Commission., The Arches, Glasgow., 2002.

'Helpmehelpyou' - Lisalouise

Adkins, L., 2002. Helpmehelpyou – solo show, Hereford Salon, London., 2002.

Adkins, L., 2001. 'Lowry’s Living Room'., From Space Gallery, Manchester., 2000.

Adkins, L., 2001. Paradise Revisited., Bury Art Gallery, Manchester., 2001.

Adkins, L., 2001. Record Collection., The International 3, Manchester and Espace Contemporain, Geneva., 2001.

Adkins, L., 2001. Spinny Thing, East End Live., 2001.

'Somethin' Stupid' by Lisalouise

Adkins, L., 2000. 'Somethin’ Stupid' a festival commission, Philadelphia International Festival of Visual and Live Art., 2000.

Adkins, L., 2000. Stuffed., The Stuff Gallery - Bethnal Green, London., 2000.

Adkins, L., 1999. 'Expo 99', part of Now 99. An Expo commission., Royal Moat House Hotel, Nottingham., 1999.


Adkins, L.B, 2014. 'A Violent Aesthetic: The Image Beyond Representation', University of California at Berkeley, 29-30 October 2015.


Adkins, LB., Duffy, N., Buchler, P., Cass, DN., 2018. 'Notes for a Performance - (Re) visioning and Smokey Meeting', Wild Pansy Press.


Adkins, L.B, 2015. '‘Windmills of Your Mind’ - cloth and clothing as a sexual signifier within the context of erotic performance.', A COLLOQUIUM THE EROTIC CLOTH: Seduction and Fetishism., The Artworkers Guild, London., 20 March 2015.

Adkins, L.B, 2014. 'Material Balance: ‘Re-enactment’ as Interface of Performance Art and Curatorial Practice', TAG14 - The Theoretical Archaeology Group, Manchester University - Department of Archaeology, 15th - 17th December, in TAG14 - The Theoretical Archaeology Group.

Other Outputs

Adkins, L., Duffy, N., Aubrey, K., Kettle, A., Biggs, L., Williams, C., Bonnell, S., Royle, N., Bryne, E., McCullagh, J., Cooper, D., Raven, L., Dixon, S., Schoene, B., Evans, P., et al, 2018. 'Made in Translation'.