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"Top Notch", Glasgow - image 2 - David Grimshaw

Design Research Group

The Design Research group encourages and supports both new and established researchers who are exploring the theories, histories and practices of a diverse range of design activities. It encourages collaboration and consists of academics, researchers and practitioners drawn from spatial, environmental, graphic, fashion, media, two and three-dimensional art and design disciplines. Key themes and interests are environments, type, narrative, digital, objects and the language of design.

Researchers in this centre are engaged in exploring all of the diverse range of the practices, theories, histories, and languages of design. The aims of the centre are to examine the role of design, in its diversity of forms, and to recognize, evaluate and profile its significance. The objectives of the centre are to disseminate designs past, present and future, through the production of a range of works and through many mediums. Our researchers are engaged in the production of objects, books, exhibitions, papers, and many other research initiatives and projects. The centre encourages interaction between subject areas, academic and practice-led projects, and institutional collaboration. It is an intersection between researchers and practitioners, academics and teachers, and a hub for positive exchange and creative production.


Exhibitions & Publications


Cocchiarella, F., Shaw, A., 2020. Radical Response Milan, Ventura Projects, Dezeen Virtual Design Festival 2020, 15/4/2020 - 30/6/2020.

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Book Chapters

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Pomona Encounters

Cocchiarella, F., Vargas, V., Titterington, S., Haley, D., 2018. 'Research Informed Sustainable Development Through Art and Design Pedagogic Practices'. In Leal Filho, W. (eds.) World Sustainability Series, pp. 207-221, Springer International Publishing.

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Internet Publications

Beecroft, M., 2019. 'Case Study: Digital Interlooping',

Ong, J., 2018. 'It's Nice That - Transient Space is a public gallery in a non-space',

Journal Articles

Evans, M., Walker, S., Chudasri, D., 2020. 'Potential areas for design and its implementation to enable the future viability of weaving practices in Northern Thailand', International Journal of Design, 14 (1), pp. 95-111.

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Non-Peer Reviewed Articles

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Conference Papers

McCullough, I., 2020. 'The Sketch Book as a Wall'.

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Other Outputs

Sanderson, L., Stone, S., Lee, SJ., 2020. 'A Future for the Already Built, Portfolio'.

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