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1 square mile of sky - Brigitte Jurack

Art and Performance
Research Hub

Embracing, interrogating and responding to contemporary and historical issues through art and performance research.

The Art and Performance Research Hub brings practice- and text-based research together. We work locally and internationally through exhibitions, seminars, conferences, screenings, events, performances and publishing. Our models for creative and critical practice include everything from performer training to curating.

We also investigate art and performance through theoretical and historical writing about performance, painting, photography, printing, drawing, dramaturgy, screen art (including performance), sculpture and time-based arts.

Our work takes place in the public realm, locally and internationally, through exhibitions, seminars, conferences, screenings, events, performances and publishing. We contribute to the overall research culture and expertise at Manchester School of Art through the local and international profiles of our staff.

How we work

We develop and share internationally acclaimed digital media and performance. We recognise and embrace the importance of individual practice, as well as collaborative and inter- and trans-disciplinary work.

Our historical and contemporary research alike is relevant to socially engaged art practices. Challenging the boundaries of real and virtual sites allows us to examine both digital and analogue art and performance across platforms and realities.

We welcome new technologies and methodologies as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations with academic and non-academic partners worldwide. We also provide specific expertise and knowledge in digital materials and processes, as well as analogue media such as micro-fiches, slides, vinyl and film.

We’ve embraced new ways of making and disseminating our work online. The rich and innovative approaches to our research we’ve developed recently have led to rich and innovative pedagogy.

We lead and contribute to the postgraduate research student environment through seminars, lectures, roundtables, research training and research supervision. We also work collectively and across disciplines within the wider University ecology.

Research Focus

The Art and Performance Research Hub explores contemporary issues through rigorous intellectual research themes, including:

  • archives, museums, cultural heritage and domestic histories
  • power, politics, protest, site and communities
  • arts and health, social practice, policy and law
  • simulation, materiality, identity, fiction of the image
  • composition, dramaturgy, laboratory training
  • embodiment, gender and histories of practice

Selected Projects

Understanding how Britains religious communities adapted during — and responded to — the COVID-19 pandemic.

Improving equality, diversity and inclusion in partnership with social artists, audiences and policy makers.

Exploring and celebrating Asian cultures in Manchester and beyond through a community of international artists and events.

A space for critical encounters, presentations, provocation and dialogue.

Members and Associate Members

Exhibitions & Publications


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Conference Papers

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Other Outputs

Biswas-Rodgers, S., 2024. 'Flights of Passage by Sutapa Biswas. Part of RadioCity2014/15, Tate Britain'.

Lacon, A., Cornford, M., Cross, D., Morgan, E., 2024. 'Plane Materials: Cornford & Cross and Andrew Lacon'.

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