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Art and Performance
Research Hub

The Art and Performance Research Hub focuses on practice-based and theoretical research in Contemporary Art and Performance.

The Hub explores diverse models for creative practices, ranging from critical and historical writing to performance, sound archives, painting, sculpture (analogue and digital), time-based arts, curating, screen art (including screen dance/performance), performer training, dramaturgy, drawing, printing, and photography. Our work takes place in the public realm, locally and internationally, through exhibitions, seminars, conferences, screenings, events, performances, critical writing and publishing.

The Hub contributes to the overall research culture and expertise at Manchester School of Art through the local and international profiles of the staff. Our activities include:

  • Leadership of and contributions to the postgraduate research student environment through seminars, lectures, roundtables, research training and research supervision.
  • Professional practice research – working collectively and/or across disciplines within the wider Hub ecology.
  • Leadership in two internationally significant outward-facing groups across research and education with an international focus in Painting and Curating Contemporary Art.
  • Development and dissemination of internationally acclaimed digital media/performance.
  • Research and consultation in Socially Engaged art practices (historical and contemporary).
  • Professional relationships with local venues, such as curating festivals, and contributions to programmes and research projects, consultation to Contemporary Art Manchester Advisory Board (strategic partnership between City of Manchester and Arts Council England), and consultation on arts development and artist-led/informed policy.
  • Professional relationships with national and international venues/organisations (e.g. Reckless Sleepers, Odin Teatret / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, Cross Pollination etc.) including the curation of festivals (e.g. Flare, Asia Triennial Manchester etc.) contributing to programmes and collaborating on research projects.

We recognize and embrace the importance of individual practice as well as collaborative and inter/trans-disciplinary work. We actively promote the fact that art and performance is generated and developed in digital and analogue idioms across real and virtual sites, platforms and realities, working at and challenging the boundaries of the live and/or liveness, the proximal and online. We embrace new technologies and methodologies as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations with academic and non-academic partners in the UK and abroad whilst also providing specific expertise and knowledge in materials and processes outlined above, as well as 'out-dated' analogue media such as micro-fiches, slides, vinyl and film. In response to the pandemic, we have embraced new ways of making and disseminating work online.

Research Areas

Staff of the Art and Performance Hub embrace, interrogate and respond to contemporary issues from within a research environment that is clustered around rigorous intellectual research themes, including:

  • Archives, Museums, Cultural Heritage and Domestic Histories
  • Language, Power, Politics, Protest, Site and Communities
  • Somatics, Arts and Health, Social Practice, Policy, and Law
  • Simulation, Materiality, Identity, Fiction of the Image
  • Composition, Dramaturgy, Laboratory Training

Hub Projects

Bunker Talks

A space for critical encounters, presentations, provocation and dialogue, Bunker Talks are linked by a line of enquiry into geo-political, ecological or economic concerns. In the COVID-19 crisis, they have moved online to explore how artists, writers, curators and researchers continue to make and share their work. Curated by the Performance Research Cluster, talks include members of the Research Hub as well as professional practitioners and researchers. Talks from national and international speakers have been archived online as a repository mapping artists’ responses to the contemporary context.

More details

Painting Manchester

Painting Manchester was formed in 2018. It brings together excellence and world-leading research in contemporary painting and develops new activities at Manchester Met and the wider city to make a significant contribution to international debates and developments in discourse in the medium. It is comprised of senior academics within Manchester School of Art who employ a range of methodologies, whose outputs include publications, exhibitions, conferences, and symposia. Painting Manchester symposia have brought together leading international figures from the art world and academia to critically explore prescient ideas. These have included ‘Writing Painting/Painting Writing’ in 2018; ‘Funny Peculiar’ in 2019; and ‘Is Painting Research’ (forthcoming). Painting Manchester includes ‘Teaching Painting’ which was formed in 2015 to explore histories and recent developments of pedagogy in painting within higher arts education. It has convened conferences at the Whitworth, Manchester in 2015 and the Royal Academy of Arts, London in 2018, edited two books on the subject, and curated a series of exhibitions that have explored the intergenerational influence of art school teaching.

The Curating Contemporary Art Group

The Curating Contemporary Art Group brings together world-leading research in experimental approaches to exhibition-making, exhibition histories, the philosophical, aesthetic, critical and theoretical foundations of curating and the practical realities of curating as cultural activism. The group works on activities that make a significant contribution to international debates and developments in discourse on the subject.

Members and Associate Members

Exhibitions & Publications


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Jurack, B., 2019. Translating The Street, Alternator Studio and Project Space, 1/1/2019 - 13/4/2019.


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Hostile EnvironmentSeascape with VoidSeascape with VoidHostile Environment (ASC GALLERY), Drifters woodcut, Seascapes with void drawingSeascapes with VoidHostile Environment

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